WP1 - Project Management

The aim of WP1 is to coordinate the work of OpenMinTed and monitor progress in order to maintain focus on successful delivery of the expected results and on the accomplishment of the objectives.
Leader Athena Research and Innovation Centre
Coordinators Prof. Mike Hatzopoulos and Prof. Yannis Ioannidis
Contact Natalia Manola

WP2 - Community Engagement and Sustainability

WP2 covers a diverse set of activities that relate to raising awareness about the project in domains of interest and building the instruments for the uptake of the infrastructure interoperability framework and platform. It also investigates the sustainability model for the long-term operation of OpenMinTeD infrastructure.
Leader LIBER
Contact Martine Oudenhoven

WP3 - Support and Training

WP3 addresses the need for delivering supporting services to the various stakeholders that will enable the adoption of the infrastructure and will empower its sustainability. The services provided target all stakeholders that want to adopt the infrastructure for new horizontal or vertical applications, or to provide content and/or services for integration in existing or future applications.
Leader Open University, UK
Contact Nancy Pontika

WP4 - Community Driven Requirements and Evaluation

WP4 is about collecting research communities’ requirements relevant to TDM. Through an iterative design process and a close interaction to a number of research communities, activities in this WP will: • identify typical use cases and applications; • record and chart the profiles of end users/researchers who are involved in or use TDM;
Leader Agro Know
Contact Nikos Manouselis

WP5 - Interoperability Framework

WP5 formalizes the text mining infrastructure interoperability specifications and promotes them for adoption and exploitation outside the project’s boundaries. It is based on existing content provision APIs/guidelines, existing architectures for service/language resources integration (UIMA, GATE), protocols and standards from the CLARIN ESFRI infrastructure.
Contact Richard Eckart de Castilho

WP6 - Platform Design and Implementation

WP6 will focus on designing, developing and deploying the OpenMinTeD platform. More specifically it will: • define the conceptual architecture and design specification of the platform. • design and implement the set of services that the platform consists of.
Leader Athena Research and Innovation Centre
Contact Stelios Piperidis

WP7 - Platform Integration, Testing and Deployment

WP7 establishes the procedures for the integration, testing and deployment of the platform services into one system that will be operated on the infrastructure provided in WP8, both for testing and operational purposes.
Leader University of Sheffield
Contact Kalina Bontcheva or Angus Roberts

WP8 - Operation and Maintenance

WP8 of infrastructure usage and behavior as well as maintaining its smooth operation.Finally it settles the tools and procedures for familiarizing and allowing stakeholders to both participate in infrastructure provisioning and exploit it.
Leader GRNET
Contact Vangelis Floros

WP9 - Community Driven Applications Implementation

WP9 involves the implementation of the community driven applications as defined in detail in the T4.3 scenarios. The activities of this task depend on the deliverables of WP4-WP8 interoperability releases will follow chronologically the staged delivery (WP5) of the OpenMinTeD platform functionalities.
Contact Prof. Sophia Ananiadou