We are looking for organisations that want to make their data available for text mining

data-1Does your organisation have tons of data that you want to make available for text and data mining? Would you benefit from an infrastructure that brings your data together with text and data mining tools? Are you a repository manager, a publisher, or do you represent any other type of content collection?

Then we are looking for your input!

For example, we would like to know what interoperability options your system supports, and what metadata standards you use. Because we are thinking ahead: we want to make sure that our infrastructure supports your needs. Not the other way around.  

So help us help you! By clicking on this link you’re be brought straight to our survey. Thanks!



* European project “OpenMinTeD” has launched a survey to record the needs of TDM stakeholders. Five questionnaires, tailored to the five main stakeholder groups identified within the project are available. 

OpenMinTeD will be the first to build an online TDM platform and infrastructure that makes it much easier to mine text and data, by making existing text mining tools discoverable and interoperable. OpenMinTeD works together with technical experts inside and outside the consortium to build a TDM platform that brings together texts, data and mining techniques from content providers all over Europe.

For more information about the OpenMinTeD project and how you can benefit from its upcoming TDM infrastructure, you can visit www.openminted.eu