Join with your Services

Ever thought about making your text mining tools or services available on a large scale? 

Do you want researchers to get access to your text mining tools or services more easily? 

join-with-services_for_webOpenMinTeD builds an online platform where researchers can find text mining tools and services from around the world. The platform will also contain an overview of openly available text and data sources, ready to be mined.

To build a successful online platform, we are looking for researchers and organisations who would like to make their text mining tools or services available for discovery on our platform. To make it even more interesting for you to register your tools or services with OpenMinTeD, we are now working on a way to use different text mining tools and services in combination with each other. This will allow researchers to use the best breed of text mining components for specific tasks, and will bring about new and exciting text and data mining discoveries.

On the OpenMinTeD platform, we are planning to produce the following services, so that researchers can easily access your text mining tools and services and start mining:

  • Α registry of all available text mining tools and services-
  • Interoperability guidelines to describe text and data mining services as resources, their accompanying licenses, policies and operational details, and common protocols to operate and be deployed in a local or a cloud context –
  • An annotation service which implements the interoperability specifications for annotations to showcase common representations and protocols.
  • A workflow service to help researchers mix and match with different text mining services.

Join the call for TDM software and knowledge resources

Are you ready to develop and share an application or software component for text and data mining (TDM)? Or do you have knowledge resources that you would like to share and integrate with TDM software? OpenMinTeD is looking for service providers, innovators, SMEs and researchers who can join and build on the platform! You can apply for this call until 26 January 2018. More information is available on a dedicated blog on the OpenMinTeD open call