OpenMinTeD SSO

The OpenMinTeD SSO service enables research communities to access OpenMinTeD e-Infrastructure resources in a user-friendly and secure way. More specifically, OpenMinTeD SSO allows researchers whose home organisations participate in one of the eduGAIN federations to access the OpenMinTeD infrastructure and services using the same credentials they are using at their home organisation. Furthermore, OpenMinTeD SSO supports user authentication with social identities, enabling even those users who do not have a federated account at a home organisation to be able to seamlessly access the OpenMinTeD services without compromising the security of the OpenMinTeD infrastructure. You can check the current list of supported Identity Providers here.

OpenMinTeD SSO serves as a central hub between federated Identity Providers and Service Providers. More specifically, it acts as a Service Provider towards the external Identity Providers and as an Identity Provider towards the OpenMinTeD Service Providers. Common technical services, such as Identity Provider discovery and user registration, are provided centrally by OpenMinTeD SSO, and do not have to be implemented by each individual service. OpenMinTeD SSO is also responsible for aggregating user attributes originating from various authoritative sources (IdPs and attribute authorities) and delivering them to the connected Service Providers in a harmonised and transparent way. Service Providers can use the received attributes for authorisation purposes.