OpenMinTeD presents licence compatibility tools at IP summer summit

Thomas Margoni and Giulia Dore of the University of Glasgow have developed a matrix and two fact sheets on open science and licensing. They presented the tools at the IP summer summit in Glasgow last June. The tools can help researchers, repository owners and many others with how to use open access licences in the context of text and data mining. Curious? You can access the tools through the links in this blogpost.


Two factsheets on creative commons and open science

Do you have questions or concerns related to open access, creative commons and the publication of research? Then have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions on Creative Commons & Open Access.  Would you like to know more about how to license your data under Creative Commons licences? Then the Factsheet on Creative Commons & Open Science may be what you are looking for.

Licence compatibility matrix

The licence compatibility matrix aims to resolve the issue of licence incompatibility with regard to Text and Data Mining in Open Science. At this moment it is still a beta version, and your feedback and input is more than welcome.

About the IP Summer Summit

The IP Summer Summit (CIPSS’17) where the tools were presented, was organised by CREATE, an interdisciplinary research centre at the intersection of law, technology and social science involving seven UK universities. The National Law University Delhi, India, was co-organiser. The theme of the summit was ‘Open Science and Open Culture’. A blogpost summarizing CIPSS’17  is available on the CREATE website.