presentation of VITIS

OpenMinTeD partner presents VITIS pilot application at Agricultural University of Athens

presentation of VITISOn February 20th 2017, Agroknow had the pleasure to host a workshop at the premises of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). The workshop was organized together with colleagues from the Laboratory of Viticulture.

Delegates from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), and more specifically from the Agricultural Information Institute and the National Science Library, were also invited to present their research activities and the infrastructures that are being implemented in CAAS, in the scope of also exchanging knowledge, experience and ideas.

The workshop provided us with the excellent opportunity to present our use case (AS-A) pilot demonstrator, namely “VITIS”, that is being developed by Agroknow with support from the OpenMinTed Horizon 2020 project.

VITIS exploits core technologies for serving specific real-world problems of the Viticulture Research Community by assessing research results produced through Basic and Applied Research and by providing integrated tools for the end-users.

VITIS emphasizes on the discovery and linking of information related to the use and exploitation of viticulture research data, through intuitive visualization of information of the 68 core grapevine varieties cultivated in Greece in various vineyards and through large-scale linguistic pipeline with the possibility for full-text mining over pdf files ingested from different bibliographic databases such as AGRIS and CORE.

Maritina Stavrakaki, Agroknow