Consulting on Licences for TDM

Find if the licences of the data you want to process and of the processing software are compatible


The OpenMinTeD Licence Compatibility Matrix is the first step towards achieving legal interoperability among Text and Data Mining resources – and not only. The service expands its application beyond OpenMinTeD to cover legal issues related to digital resource access and usage.
The matrix encodes in a clear way the compatibility among popular licences and terms of use of data resources, software and web services, i.e. aims to assess the possibility that resources licensed under specific licences can indeed be combined and their combination feasibly result in a derivative work. It also assesses whether, considering specific clauses (e.g. Non Commercial Use or Share Alike), there is likely to be a conflict between the licensing terms considered. When derivatives are allowed, the matrix indicates full compatibility, compatibility under conditions and lack of compatibility.


Researchers, SMEs, Industry, Citizen scientists, NGO’s, Public administration


To the best of our knowledge, this is the only tool that attempts to assess compatibility between licences and terms of use in the TDM context for data and software resources. This is a valuable asset for anyone interested in TDM without legal expertise, since it allows them to know whether they can legally process the content they want, combine together TDM components to build a workflow and share it with other users.

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Service Funding

EC funds (H2020 grant 654021 for the OpenMinTeD project) & National funds for the GRNET cloud infrastructure on which the platform operates