TDM Applications Executor

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The OpenMinTeD TDM applications executor targets primarily researchers with little or no knowledge of text mining who need to find and run TDM applications on content without going through complicated processes. OpenMinTeD offers ready-to-use TDM applications in a catalogue that can be easily searched and browsed. Once users find the appropriate application, they can select to run it on their own content or on the content offered in the OpenMinTeD platform (mainly open access scholarly and scientific publications).


Researchers, SMEs, Industry, Citizen scientists, NGO’s, Public administration; any user interested in TDM, even with no or little previous experience on TDM


For users with little or no knowledge in mining, who find in one place the content to mine and a set of ready-to-run TDM applications.

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Service Funding

EC funds (H2020 grant 654021 for the OpenMinTeD project) & National funds for the GRNET cloud infrastructure on which the platform operates