Catalogue of TDM Applications

Find ready-to-run Text and Data Mining applications


What for?

The OpenMinTeD Catalogue of Text and Data Mining (TDM) applications allows users to easily discover pre-registered and ready-to-run applications on scholarly content also offered via the OpenMinTeD platform.
Users can browse through the whole catalogue, refine its contents with specific criteria (using the faceted search or a google-like free text search facility), select a specific application, view its detailed formal description, and at the click of a button use it to process a corpus of scholarly publications.
For each application, the user can view:

  • administrative information, such as the title of the application, a short description, licence or terms of use, provenance information (resource creator, creation dates, funding programs, etc.);
  • technical information, such as the task it performs, the requirements on the input resource (e.g. whether it runs on a corpus of English, on texts with a specific data format, etc.), details on the output it produces (e.g. a list of the biomedical entities or a list of relations between symptoms and illnesses extracted from the corpus), links to documents that may help the users (e.g. user manuals, video tutorials, publications about the application, etc.), list of the software components that are included in the application, etc.


Who for?

Researchers, Citizen scientists, SMEs, Industry, Public administration, NGO’s; any user interested in TDM, even with no or little previous experience on TDM



Users can easily find the TDM applications that best fit their needs, compare them with similar applications, and, most important, they can click to run them as-is on the biggest collection of Open Access scholarly content or on their own corpus.


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