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Text mining 101

What is text mining, how does it work and why is it useful? This article will help you understand the basics in just a few minutes.

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TDM Stories: How Linguamatics Uses TDM To Improve Healthcare

Dr Jane Reed is Head of Life Science Strategy at Linguamatics, a UK-based company which makes TDM tools to help companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. She spoke to OpenMinTed about how TDM is being used to speed up drug discoveries and treat patients, and gave a vision for the future of text and data mining.

Read the full interview below, or download a printable version to share with others.

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TDM Stories: How Zalando Links Languages With TDM

Dr Alan Akbik is a Research Scientist at Zalando Research. He’s using text and data mining to create tools which can be developed in one language and then applied automatically to other languages. This is valuable for companies such as Zalando, which work in many different countries around the world.

Read the full interview below, or download a printable version to share with others.

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TDM STORIES: A Text & Data Miner Talks About Analysing The Recent Past

Federico Nanni is a researcher who uses TDM to build collections of materials from large archives which can be used to better understand recent, historically critical events such as the rise of Euroscepticism as a consequence of the recent economic crisis.

OpenMinTed first spoke to Federico in early 2017 about his work. Recently we asked him for an update. Read the full interview below, or download a printable version to share with others.

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It’s time for our final episode of this series of ‘Key concepts and areas in TDM explained’. This time Robert Patton of the Oak Ridge National Laboratories introduces Deep Learning and discusses how it can be applied in practice.




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Key concepts and areas in TDM explained – Part 5: Knowledge Discovery

Ron DanielKnowledge discovery is the process of discovering new information. In text and data mining this happens for example by finding new connections or trends in a large amount of text and data. Ron Daniel is director at the Elsevier Labs. He explains  Knowledge Discovery and  Knowledge Representation in three short videos. 

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GRNET presents OMTD workflow stack in the Athens Docker meetup

Presenting OpenMinTeD It was a great honour and opportunity to interact with the Docker community during the meetup in Athens on November 29th. More than 30 people attended our talk ‘A scalable, virtual, flexible workflow infrastructure in OpenMinTeD stack’. The talk covered the software stack responsible for executing Text and Data Mining (TDM) workflows on a distributed cloud environment. The workflow setup greatly overlaps with (but is not limited to) modern containerization technologies and especially Docker.



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OpenMinTeD at DI4R

Early December 2017 (1st December), OpenMinTeD organized a session on Text and Data Mining in Open Science at the DI4R conference in Brussels (30 Nov-1 Dec).

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