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Key concepts and areas in TDM explained – part 2: Knowledge Representation

It’s time for the second part of ‘Key concepts and areas in TDM explained’. This time, Jevin West tells us more about  “Text and Data Mining” and “Knowledge Representation” in three short videos. Jevin West is Assistant Professor at the University of Washington and Co-ordinator of DataLab.




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OpenMinTeD participates at FORCE2017 conference with two highly attended workshops


During 25 – 27 October OpenMinTeD participated in the FORCE2017 Research Communication and e-Scholarship conference that brings together a diverse group of people interested in changing the way in which scholarly and scientific information is communicated and shared.

On Friday October 27th the OpenMinTeD partners held two workshops, one on “How to improve interoperability across publisher platforms to support text and data mining” and another one on “Enhancing the real impact of scholarly publications through text and data mining”.

At the first workshop the Open University partners from the CORE project presented on the work they have done on the Publisher Connector. This involved surveying the publishers on their machine accessibility interfaces of accessing Open Access content, the creation of the Publisher Connector, a tool that harvests Open Access content from publisher systems and exposes them via the ResourceSync protocol, and the technical expertise directory, where documentation is provided on how harvesting from publisher platforms can be achieved.

The FORCE conferences are traditionally highly attended by publishers and as it was anticipated half the participants in the workshop were publishers. Since it is to the interest of the OpenMinTeD partners to work with the publishers in this task, their presence was welcomed. Our work received attention during the event and some positive collaborations will start soon after.

Screenshot of the Elsevier limitations on applying text and data mining for Open Access content tweeted by Elsevier.


Our second workshop focused on the project’s TDM Scholarly Communication Use Cases, which extend from research analytics and recommender systems to information extraction for health state modelling. The participating speakers were Natalia Manola (Athena Research and Innovation Centre, University of Athens), Sophia Ananiadou (National Centre for Text Mining, University of Manchester), Petr Knoth (CORE, Knowledge Media institute, The Open University), Mappet Walker (Frontiers) and Androniki Pavlidou (Athens Research and Innovation Centre, University of Athens).



The Compatibility Matrix

In the end, Giulia Dore (University of Glasgow) presented on the project’s progress on the license standardisation and interoperability and demonstrated the  Compatibility Matrix (beta version URL), a tool to provide guidance to users wishing to undertake TDM activities and overcome the ambiguity of the current setting.




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Webinar Poolparty Semantic Suite now available online

The OpenMinTed project co-organized with Agroknow and the AIMS team a webinar entitled “The Text and Data mining functionalities of the PoolParty Semantic Suite”. The webinar took place on the 21st September 2017.

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Deadline for call for content extended

The deadline for submissions for the call for content has been extended with one week to November 5th. Were you thinking about submitting a proposal, but too busy the last weeks? This is your chance! All information is available on the OpenMinTeD Open Tenders blog.  

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How TDM can unlock a goldmine of information

From September 6th– September 8th, over 200 people  with an interest in open science came together in Athens for the Open Science Fair. OpenMinTeD was one of the co-organisers, and also organised a workshop on text and data mining. The first part of the workshop showcased successful TDM initiatives. The second part was focused on content providers and was more OpenMinTeD specific.

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Join the OpenMinTeD call for content

We are happy to announce that the OpenMinTeD platform for text and data mining is now ready to accept content. We invite publishers, repositories, libraries and other holders of scholarly publications to join the open call for content, by submitting a proposal by 29 October 2017 at the latest.

Why you should join the call for content

By opening your content up for text and data mining through the OpenMinTeD platform, you will increase your content’s visibility and impact. Winners of this call will be awarded € 7.000 (small bids) or € 17.500 (larger bids) to implement the connection of their content to the OpenMinTeD infrastructure.

How to join the call

You can join the call by submitting a CV and proposal of maximum 10 pages that describes your work plan, method, risk assessment, people and experience etc. A review committee will judge the proposals based on among other things alignment with the OpenMinTeD objectives, coverage, feasibility of integration methodology and experience.

More information

All relevant information, specifications and the submission form can be found on the open tenders webpage:

About OpenMinTeD

OpenMinTeD is a European project of 16 partners that sets out to develop a sustainable infrastructure for text and data mining. We are working on a platform that brings together  text and data, TDM tools and services, training, support and guidelines. Rather than developing new tools, we are adapting existing tools and services and repositories in order to make them interoperable.



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21 September: Join free webinar on Text Mining in PoolParty Semantic Suite

We are pleased to invite you to attend an upcoming Webinar on the Text and Data mining functionalities of the PoolParty Semantic Suite.

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Textmining in the vineyard at Open Harvest 2017

In 2016, 30 people from important institutions all over the world came together for the first Open Harvest gathering. The goal was to set the stage for a global data infrastructure for agriculture and food. One year later,  Agroknow presented the OpenMinTeD application VITIS at Open Harvest 2017.  

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