Key concepts and areas in TDM explained – part 2: Knowledge Representation

It’s time for the second part of ‘Key concepts and areas in TDM explained’. This time, Jevin West tells us more about  “Text and Data Mining” and “Knowledge Representation” in three short videos. Jevin West is Assistant Professor at the University of Washington and Co-ordinator of DataLab.





How do you start learning about Knowledge Representation 

What is the State-of-the-art in Knowledge Representation 

What is Knowledge Representation 

About the author

Dr Jevin D. West is Assistant Professor in the Information School at the University of Washington. He co-directs the DataLab. He studies the Science of Science. His laboratory consists of millions of scholarly papers and the billions of links that connect these papers. He develops knowledge discovery tools to both study and facilitate science. In particular, he is interested in the origin of scholarly disciplines and how sociological and economic factors drive and slow the evolution of science.