From information society to knowledge society

Marc Bertin is assistant professor at the University of Toulouse uses text and data mining to study scientific papers. Text and data mining can help us move from an information society to a knowledge society, but not without open access to research papers.




“Open access is very important for us because our research concerns full-text processing of scientific papers. We look into the content of papers and we want to determine the place where references appear. So, we need full text.

The open access movement is a very good movement. Sometimes we have difficulties to deal with PDF or to have access to textual data from the editor. This is the reason why open access for researchers is very important. Especially for data mining, the fact to have open access data allows us to deal with textual information. This means you have the possibility to link textual information to data. And you can build new knowledge from these kinds of relations.

Today we are living in the information society. And if we have the possibility to use open access to deal with textual information, we can build new knowledge and we pass from an information society to a knowledge society. So open access will be the most important thing to deal with text and data mining.”