D1.1 “Quality Assurance Risk Management Plan”

D2.1 “Dissemination Plan and Roadmap”

D2.2 “Collaboration and Liaison Plan”

D2.3 “OpenCalls Specification”

D3.1 “Support Kit for TDM Topics I”

D3.2 “Support Kit for TDM Topics II”

D3.3 “Support kit for TDM topics III”

D.3.4 “Support Kit for TDM topics (M30)”

D3.5 “First Support and Training Activities Report”

D4.1 “Requirements Methodology”

D4.2 “White Paper on OpenMinTeD Community Requirements”

D4.3 “OpenMinTeD Functional Specifications”

D4.4 “Community Evaluation Scenarios Definition”

D4.5 “Community Driven Evaluation Methodology (indicators)”

D5.1 “Interoperability Landscaping Report”

D5.2 “Interoperability Standards and Specifications Report”

D5.3 “Interoperability Standards and Specifications”

D5.4 “Interoperability Standards and Specifications”

D5.5 “Platform Interoperability Guidelines (1st edition)”

D5.6 “Platform Interoperability Guidelines (2nd edition)”

D6.1 “Platform Architectural Specification”

D6.2 “Platform Architectural Specification”

D6.4 “Platform UI Specification”

D6.5 “Platform UI Specification”

D6.6 “Platform UI Specification”

D6.7 “Platform Services Distribution Specification”

D6.8 “Platform services distribution specification”

D7.1 “Platform Release Plan”

D7.2 “Testing Methodology”

D7.3 “Software Release Report”

D8.1 “Infrastructure Operation Report”

D8.2 “Infrastructure Operation Report (2nd edition)”

D8.3 “Infrastructure Operation Report”

D8.5 “Infrastructure data and service providers registration”

D8.6 “Infrastructure data and service providers registration (M24)”

D9.1 “Community Driven Applications Design Report” (for D9.1 appendices, please contact us)

D9.2 “Community Driven Applications Design Report (2nd edition)”

D9.3 “Application Software Documentation”