Join with your Content

Ever thought about making your data available for text and data mining?

Do you want researchers to get access to your data and start discovering new, amazing things with it?

join_with_content_for_webOpenMinTeD builds an online platform where researchers can find open text and data from sources around the world, ready to be mined. The platform will also contain an overview of available mining tools and services.

To build a successful online platform, we are looking for organisations that would like to make their text and data available for text and data mining purposes. To make it easier for you to make your data available, we are now working on a way to allow you and your fellow publishers, repositories, scholarly societies and providers of textual data to deliver content for TDM purposes in a uniform way.

On the OpenMinTeD platform, we are planning to produce the following services, so that researchers can easily access your text and data and start mining: 

  • Α registry of all available content. 
  • Interoperability guidelines to describe data representations, licenses, and protocols to expose the content appropriately for TDM services. 
  • Content software connectors that will enable the ingestion of your data into the OpenMinTeD platform. 
  • APIs for accessing content hosted on the OpenMinted platform.


 Give your feedback on the OpenMinTeD guidelines

We are working on guidelines that can help you to connect your content to the OpenMinTeD platform. It is still work in progress, but we want it to be as clear as possible. Would you mind having a look and giving us your feedback? Go to the OpenMinTeD guidelines