Join as a Research Community

The researcher at the centre

OpenMinTeD builds an online platform where researchers can find:

  • Text mining tools and services from around the world
  • Openly available text and data sources, ready to be mined

Whether you’re a biochemist, a historian, a physicist or something completely different, OpenMinTeD would like to help you in finding the relevant text and data mining techniques, as well as the relevant data to mine. We want our platform to be there for all research disciplines.

In order to build a platform where researchers’ from all research communities find what they need, we invite research communities to join OpenMinTeD.

We are interested to hear about:

  • Your requirements with regard to TDM practices. What tools, resources and standards are used in your research community?
  • The prototype applications in your research community. Which applications would you like to be included in the OpenMinTeD platform?
  • Your opinion on different applications. How can they be improved in relation to OpenMinTeD?

These research communities are already working with OpenMinTeD on making the platform fit their needs:

Research Analytics

Research Analytics

OpenAIRE, CORE, Frontiers

Semantic search and discovery of open scientific outcomes

Map of academia – scholarly communication network

Research monitoring and analytics

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

EBI and Human Brain Project

Text mining assisted curation of the EMBL-EBI chemical databases

Curation of the neurosciences resources KnowledgeBase and Neurolex

Agriculture & Biodiversity

Agriculture & Biodiversity

INRA, Agro-Know

Enrich agricultural databases to assist food- and water-borne disease outbreak alerts and product recalls

Social Sciences

Social Sciences


Develop and evaluate methods for the automatic detection and linking of named entities, citation traces and intentions in social science scientific publications


D4.4 Use Cases (Coming soon)