Text mining in Agriculture: The AgroTagger Keyword Extractor

agrotaggerThe use of keywords is crucial for the description, organization, indexing, retrieval and sharing of research in every scientific field and agriculture is not excluded. However, manual annotation of research outcomes is time-consuming and error-prone so automatic methods for metadata annotation are always explored. AgroTagger is one of the tools facilitating the work of information and knowledge managers (among others) in the agri-food sector, by applying text-mining on top of agri-food research outcomes.

We are looking for developers of TDM-powered applications

developerDoes your company develop text-mining powered applications? Would you benefit from a platform that provides access to a variety of text mining tools and components, along with the possibility to examine their specifications and performance? Are you an application developer in need of integrating text-mining services in your software? Then we are looking for your input! 

We are looking for organisations that want to make their data available for text mining

data-1Does your organisation have tons of data that you want to make available for text and data mining? Would you benefit from an infrastructure that brings your data together with text and data mining tools? Are you a repository manager, a publisher, or do you represent any other type of content collection?

Then we are looking for your input!