Open Access & Text Mining: Moving Things Forward

Text_mining Text mining refers to “the process or practice of examining large collections of written resources in order to generate new information” (source). I am not an expert in text mining, but I understand that it is about applying specialized software/algorithms/techniques on existing textual information so that it can be read and analyzed by machines in order for them to extract more meaningful information for us, humans.

Planning the software engineering tools for OpenMinTeD

testing_tools_selectionI’m Angus, and I lead the “Platform Integration, Testing and Deployment” workpackage for OpneMinTeD – or WP7 as it is affectionately known in Project-Speak. Our task in WP7 is to take the services that have been designed and created in OpenMinTeD, and to deliver these as a whole, so that they can be deployed as a running system. But what tools are needed for this?