LREC Workshop on Cross-Platform Text Mining and Natural Language Processing Interoperability

IMG_0729Our efforts towards improving interoperability in the communities of Text Mining (TM) and Natural Language (NLP) processing continue. OpenMinTeD organised a workshop on this subject at the International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) on 23 May 2016. Alessandro Di Bari (IBM) opened the workshop with a keynote on transferring ideas from the model driven approaches of software engineering to enhance interoperability in TM and NLP.  

Envisaging a Broader TDM Exception to Overcome the Pitfalls of Current Copyright Law in the EU

Copyright exception for TDMConducting TDM activities in the current legal context is very difficult. This is due to the unclear and uncoherent legal framework for copyright licences and to the highly fragmented landscape of copyright exceptions and limitations in the EU. In this blogpost, we’ll discuss the current legal context and what needs to be changed to open the paths for TDM in the EU. 

Mining Repositories: Assisting Researchers in their Text and Data mining Needs


On 13 June 2016, the OpenMinTeD project organised its third stakeholder  workshop titled “Mining Repositories: How to assist the research and academic community in their text and data mining needs”. The workshop took place in Trinity College Dublin as part of the OpenRepositories Conference, and brought together repository managers from all over the world who are interested in text and data mining.

e-Infrastructures in the language technology community get together

IMG_0738On 22 May 2016, OpenMinTeD held its second stakeholder workshop at the LREC conference in Portoroz, Slovenia. The workshop took place in the form of a roundtable, and brought together strategic players and stakeholders from the language technology community and neighboring areas. Stelios Piperidis (Athena Research Center / ILSP) led the discussion. Among the attendees were representatives from CLARIN-CZ, CLARIN-ERIC, OpenAire, ELDA and LAPPS Grid. 



Text mining in Agriculture: The AgroTagger Keyword Extractor

agrotaggerThe use of keywords is crucial for the description, organization, indexing, retrieval and sharing of research in every scientific field and agriculture is not excluded. However, manual annotation of research outcomes is time-consuming and error-prone so automatic methods for metadata annotation are always explored. AgroTagger is one of the tools facilitating the work of information and knowledge managers (among others) in the agri-food sector, by applying text-mining on top of agri-food research outcomes.