White paper on community requirements for text and data mining

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Text and data mining is important to different scientific communities, but what do these different user communities need to mine succesfully?  One of the aims of workpackage 4 of the OpenMinTeD project is to collect these requirements. This was done using  a combination of methods, including online surveys and focus groups. The results are summarized in the  ‘White paper on OpenMinTed Community Requirements’ that was finished last week.

Why Text Mining is often not Legal, but how it could be in the Future

ApprovedHi there, I’m Lucie Guibault, Associate Professor at the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam.

Over the past few years, I became increasingly aware of TDM as a research method in all fields of science and humanities. With the increase of computational capacity, of digital born information and the digitisation of collections, the use of TDM in research is on its way towards achieving tremendous societal and economic benefits. Think about all the new insights and cost savings that would otherwise not be possible. This means more scientific breakthroughs and a greater understanding of society.

Text and Data Mining Researchers present Studies at WOSP2016 workshop

IMG_7939_1On 22-23 June 2016, OpenMinTeD organised its third stakeholder workshop at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in Newark, just outside of New York City. The workshop, called “the International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications,” was organised by the Open University for the fifth time (almost everytime in conjunction with JCDL) and featured speakers from OpenMinTeD, as well as speakers who presented their text and data mining research results.