The University of Sheffield (GATE)

tuoslogologo-colour The Natural Language Processing (NLP) group at the University of Sheffield is one of the largest and most successful research groups in language and information in the EU. The group has world-leading research record in the fields of NLP infrastructures (GATE), information extraction, standardisation, machine learning methods for NLP, dialogue systems, question answering, terminology extraction, NLP methods for Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web. USFD develops and maintains the world-leading open-source GATE text mining infrastructure and its vibrant user community (approximately 40,000 software downloads in the past 12 months and 265,000 in the past 9 years). GATE has a repository of over 150 models and algorithms, including Information Extraction (IE), biomedical text mining, ontology-based semantic annotation, machine learning for IE, and NLP evaluation tools, as well as many 3rd party provided text mining plugins. GATE is widely used in industry, research and in teaching. Users include many leading companies in media, pharmaceuticals, and finance. In the public sector, users include government research agencies, health service organisations, museums and libraries. GATE is also popular amongst SMEs and start-ups. Several companies offer commercial GATE services. USFD also maintains two cloud-based deployments of GATE as text mining platform-as-a-service: (aimed at GATE developers wanting to run their own pipelines on big data) and AnnoMarket (aimed at companies and research users, who want to use pre-packaged, highly scalable GATE text mining services).


Kalina Bontchevas, and Angus Roberts