Join us at the 5th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications

In association with the OpenMinTeD project, The Open University organises the 5th International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications (WOSP) at JCDL 2016

The workshop is organised by Open University and aims to give a useful overview of Text and Data Mining (TDM). The topics of the workshop are organised around the following themes:

  1. The whole ecosystem of infrastructures including repositories, aggregators, text-and data-mining facilities, impact monitoring tools, datasets, services and APIs that enable analysis of large volumes of scientific publications.
  2. Semantic enrichment of scientific publications by means of text and data mining, crowdsourcing or other methods.
  3. Analysis of large databases of scientific publications to identify research trends, high impact, cross-fertilisation between disciplines, research excellence etc.

Alex Wade of Microsoft at WOSP 2015

WOSP 2016 is a scholarly, peer-reviewed workshop. This year’s WOSP will be the 5th installment. In the past runs (2012 , 2013, 2014, 2015)  it has attracted researchers and scholars from around the globe interested in TDM applications on analysing Scientific literature.


Lee Giles presenting about CiteSeerX at WOSP 2014


Kris Jack presenting about Mendeley at WOSP 2012

The workshop consists of peer-reviewed talks and demos and invited talks from well-known people in the field, for example Alex Wade (Microsoft Academic Research), Lee Giles (Pennsylvania State University, CiteSeerX), Birger Larsen (Aalborg University Copenhagen), Kris Jack (Mendeley) .

This year WOSP is pleased to announce that Jie Tang, the creator of the open science platform/academic network AMiner (, will be the first keynote speaker.  

Another confirmed keynote talk will be from the creators of Semantic Scholar.

There will also be two invited talks from the members of the OpenMinTeD project (Stelios Piperidis Athena RC and Peter Mutschke, GESIS) to present the importance of the OpenMinTeD initiative to the TDM world.

WOSP invites submissions (long papers, short papers, demo) on the related topics. The submission deadline is 24th April, so don’t hesitate and submit now!


Robert Patton of Oak Ridge National Laboratory presenting about discovering publications related to research carried out at scientific user facilities.