Training Course: Mining Social Media Content with GATE

The 9th GATE training course will be taught this June, at The University of Sheffield, and we are looking for you to join us! GATE, or the General Architecture for Text Engineering, is a mature, comprehensive suite of tools for information extraction, natural language processing and related tasks that has been developed continuously since 1995 at the University of Sheffield. The course is open to industrial and academic participants of any ability or experience level.


The course is structured around teaching and hands-on sessions guided by experienced researchers who both develop and use GATE daily for their own work. The topics covered are a mix of core GATE concepts, such as developing rule-based information extraction systems, corpus annotation and evaluation,, with advanced applications and technologies built around GATE, including crowd sourcing, cloud processing, semantic search and social media analysis.


The course is aimed at a broad range of levels of experience. No previous programming knowledge is required, though an optional programming-oriented session on the final day is offered. This extra session details the writing of GATE components, and working with the GATE API, as well as using GATE in a production environment. Alternatively, non-programmers can choose a day spent looking at examples of real-life applications using GATE, and getting help with their own applications and use cases. GATE is built from the ground up around a flexible user interface, meaning that non-programmers can easily use, compose and modify language analysis components without necessarily diving into code.

Many previous participants of the GATE training course have gone on to use the software in their own work and research environments. Industrial partners including OntoText and Text Mining Solutions make use of our training in order to provide commercial services based around GATE technologies.

The teachers and demonstrators are members of the GATE team experienced with delivering high quality training. This is the 9th course, with many teachers still present from the original introduction to GATE. The course has been constantly streamlined and adapted to match new developments in GATE, and is targeted to the techniques and information useful to researchers and professionals in the real world.


The 9th GATE training course will be held in Sheffield from 6-10 June 2016. Registration is now open. Reduced fees apply to early registration (deadline 30 April 2016). For more information and to register now, visit